Pink Flamingo Placecards

Pink Flamingo Placecards

By Babysits
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Is there a birthday coming up? A party with friends? A barbeque with the in-laws? We’ve created these pink flamingo placecards for you to help you decorate your table with some exotic flair! Learn how to make them yourself below!

The pink flamingo, it’s an animal synonymous with the tropics and lounging in an exotic location.. So, to add this touch of vacation to your parties, you can make these pink flamingo place cards! These flamingo place cards are also a creative activity to do with kids that also doubles as a cute and useful accessory for any get-together.

pink flamingo placecard materials

For 4 place cards, you need :

  • pink and white pieces of paper

  • a pair of scissors

  • 4 metal bottle caps

  • 4 pink balloons or pink paint

  • a black marker

  • white-out

  • 4 wooden sticks or straws

  • glue

To start, cut the pink piece of paper into the shape of a flamingo. For the white part of the beak use the white-out. For the black part of the beak and eyes, simply use a black marker. Then, cut 4 white circles slightly smaller than the bottle caps and write the names of the invitees.

In order to color the bottle caps pink, you can either use the pink paint or wrap them in the pink balloons.

Next, once you've colored the bottle caps pick, glue the white circles with the names to the front or outside of the bottle caps and glue the pink flamingo shape to the back or inside.

Finally, glue the wooden sticks or straws to the back of the bottle caps.

That’s it! Your pink flamingo place cards are ready to impress your guests!

pink flamingo placecard

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